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Source Exposes FEMA Training Camp in Missouri

People will wake up to the tyranny we are under; unfortunately it will be too late. February 9, 2012 An anonymous source has sent photos to of a FEMA training camp located at Ford Leonard, Missouri. Sam will … Continue reading

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What is Coming

This is a little video for all of the traitorous rat bastards in this country (both the politicians and all those who follow their unconstitutional orders). THIS is what is waiting for you. To save your own ass, you’d better learn how to run fast….

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This article blew me away! And everything stated in it is 100% on the money! Wake people up and share it!!!! The last two paragraphs say it all. “Government propaganda has been so successful that hundreds of thousands of elected officials and government employees have adamantly … Continue reading

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Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Ron Paul’s Iran Policy Most Accurate

If people really give a damn about supporting our military, as they claim to, they can start by voting for Ron Paul, the candidate who receives the most support from those IN the military. Paul receives more support from U.S. military than … Continue reading

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U.S. Army Veteran “Soldiers are Waking UP” FEMA camps, Passing of the NDAA, and Reality

Yes, I’d say it’s a done deal. The government has gone rouge. I’m hearing a lot of former and current military who are waking up. This is a GOOD THING! Oathkeepers has launched an effort to recall members of Congress. Let’s … Continue reading

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The Truth About U.S. Foreign Policy

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Happy New Year: Obama Signs NDAA, Indefinite Detention Now Law of the Land

In this video is Alex Jones’ reaction to the bill and Obama’s accompanying signing statement:

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