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Nighlty News: Medical Vaccine Tyranny

A very powerful interview with writer and vaccine researcher Curt Linderman Sr. about the hoax that tricks the public into complying with “mandatory” vaccinations. Curt and his wife started their journey into the medical tyranny of vaccines as the parents of a severely … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Blocks Government Plan To Claim Ownership Of DNA

Ha, ha… and it only took 40 years for it to become main stream news. I turned on the tv the other day and the news was on reporting this like it was some new shit. This is why I … Continue reading

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David Beckham Reignites Hypocrisy of “Overpopulation” Alarmists

I don’t normally include pictures, but I thought is was perfectly relevant to this story to include them so that you can get a nice visual of these elitist psychopathic pigs. And uh, yeah, to call them hypocrites is an understatement…. Ultra-rich … Continue reading

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The New Eugenics: Life in Our Vast Chemical Vats

Marti Oakley The PPJ Gazette As far back as the late 1800’s, maybe even earlier, has been a concerted effort by collections of individuals who somehow view themselves as superior  to the general population to institute eugenics; a system of  … Continue reading

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Movie: Esoteric Agenda

I ran across this film yesterday and decided to post it. I have watched films, documentaries, interviews, read documents and articles about all the different subjects in this film, but never have I seen them all touched upon in one place. I … Continue reading

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