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David Beckham Reignites Hypocrisy of “Overpopulation” Alarmists

I don’t normally include pictures, but I thought is was perfectly relevant to this story to include them so that you can get a nice visual of these elitist psychopathic pigs. And uh, yeah, to call them hypocrites is an understatement…. Ultra-rich … Continue reading

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5 Proposals to Combat ‘Global Warming’ That Should Make Us All Cringe

Eric Blair Activist Post There has not been much middle ground found between global warming believers and the “it’s a hoax” crowd. I started as a believer after watching An Inconvenient Truth. I struggled to even look into the alternative view … Continue reading

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Carnegie Touts Green Credentials Of Genghis Khan For Slaughtering 40 Million People

While this is a disgusting story, sadly it is typical of how the elite think. ___________________________________________________________ Paul Joseph Watson GCN January 25, 2011 Environmentalists are promoting a new historical hero in the fight against global warming, none other than … Continue reading

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The Crazies Are Everywhere!!

And it can’t be a good sign that they don’t make the slightest attempt to hide it anymore, as you can well see by the video below, which was shown in movie theaters in Brittan to unsuspecting children and their … Continue reading

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It’s About Damn Time!

I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to write an article getting to the real meat of the TSA abusing people in the airports. I’ve been saying this all along. Not because I’m a mind-reader, … Continue reading

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