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Upon Release of Martial Law Documents, The Plan For America’s Destruction Becomes Apparent

Saman Mohammadi The Excavator December 23, 2011 The top news story of 2011 is not the assassination of Osama Bin Laden (a CIA psyop), but the advancement of the Martial Law agenda in America under the public radar. On Wednesday, December … Continue reading

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10 Ways the War on Drugs is a Wild Success

Let me mention for the record, that Big Pharma is now creating synthetic marijuana. You know, because it has absolutely no health benefits what-so-ever. Eric Blair Activist Post For all the evidence of how the War on Drugs has failed … Continue reading

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War on drugs is a hoax: US admits to guarding, assisting lucrative Afghan opium trade

Ethan Huff December 1, 2011 Afghanistan is, by far, the largest grower and exporter of opium in the world today, cultivating a 92 percent market share of the global opium trade. But what may shock many is the fact … Continue reading

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Can the NYPD-CIA Borg Save Us From the FBI’s ‘Terrorists’?

Becky Ackers Lew Rockwell It’s an incredibly shocking story, the sort that would once have horrified every American regardless of his politics, one that completely eviscerates the Constitution and renders everything this country supposedly represents moot. And yet few have … Continue reading

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Did NATO Stage the Green Square “Celebration”?

Fake footage suggests event was another psychological operation like the toppling of the Saddam statue Paul Joseph Watson GCN Wednesday, August 24, 2011 NATO’s haste to convince Libyans and the watching world that Colonel Gaddafi’s regime had collapsed even … Continue reading

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10 Things Citizen Spies Should Report to DHS

Activist Post Aug 24, 2011 The Department of Homeland Security wants the public to be on the prowl for suspicious and criminal behavior. They’ve gone to great lengths to recruit business owners in this effort to report unusual activity. They’ve struck … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden’s Useful Death

by Paul Craig Roberts Lew Rockwell In a propaganda piece reeking of US Triumphalism, two alleged journalists, Adam Goldman and Chris Brummitt, of the Associated Press or, rather, of the White House Ministry of Truth, write, or copy off a White House … Continue reading

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New US Security Appointments and The Dangerous Separation of State and Military

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer Activist Post Bangkok, Thailand April 29, 2011 – The latest game of Washington musical chairs expects to see General David Petraeus head the CIA while current CIA Director Leon Panetta is to take over Robert Gate’s position as Secretary of Defense. … Continue reading

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