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Time for second look (Annie Machon & David Ray Griffin about 9/11 false flag terrorism

An absolute must watch! Advertisements

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U.S. Army Veteran “Soldiers are Waking UP” FEMA camps, Passing of the NDAA, and Reality

Yes, I’d say it’s a done deal. The government has gone rouge. I’m hearing a lot of former and current military who are waking up. This is a GOOD THING! Oathkeepers has launched an effort to recall members of Congress. Let’s … Continue reading

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10 Things Citizen Spies Should Report to DHS

Activist Post Aug 24, 2011 The Department of Homeland Security wants the public to be on the prowl for suspicious and criminal behavior. They’ve gone to great lengths to recruit business owners in this effort to report unusual activity. They’ve struck … Continue reading

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Why Oath Keepers Is Dangerous

The Excavator June 4, 2011 Whenever any government in any country is taken over by lawless and power mad traitors they naturally demonize the people and the defenders of individuals freedoms as “terrorists,” and “extremists” to divide and rule the … Continue reading

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The US government: A deliberate intention to deceive

This article is right on the money. We are a nation run by liars, thieves and murderers. So, knowing your government is implementing the same brutal policies at home that it has perfected abroad for decades, how safe do you feel? Marti Oakley … Continue reading

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Bin Laden kill conveniently paves way for security checkpoints everywhere — shopping malls, sports stadiums, grocery stores, churches

Saturday, May 07, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer (NaturalNews) Now that Osama Bin Laden is allegedly dead (for something like the ninth time), prepare to eventually be groped, molested, and herded through naked body scanners and other X-ray … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden’s Useful Death

by Paul Craig Roberts Lew Rockwell In a propaganda piece reeking of US Triumphalism, two alleged journalists, Adam Goldman and Chris Brummitt, of the Associated Press or, rather, of the White House Ministry of Truth, write, or copy off a White House … Continue reading

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