Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21

If you are unfamiliar with Agenda 21, I suggest you find out what it is all about. Start by watching this great interview with Rosa Korie, then read her book. Our civil liberties are rapidly being destroyed, and only by understanding what we are facing, will we ever have a prayer of  stopping it.

And here is a high resolution photo of the U.S. Biodiversity Map. If you read, you will see that this map was used in the Senate to stop the bills ratification, but that wasn’t going to stop these lunatic control freaks. They have simply by-passed our national governments using Agenda 21’s International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (“ICLEI”) to make agreements directly with local governments to implement their radical vision of the world. This is about control of people, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE EARTH!

click to enlarge


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