Can the NYPD-CIA Borg Save Us From the FBI’s ‘Terrorists’?

Becky Ackers
Lew Rockwell

It’s an incredibly shocking story, the sort that would once have horrified every American regardless of his politics, one that completely eviscerates the Constitution and renders everything this country supposedly represents moot. And yet few have paid any attention while even fewer are outraged. In fact, most who’ve heard about it cheer Our Rulers as heroes.

“With CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas,” reads the headline on the Associated Press’ story from a fortnight ago. Turns out that the two agencies have collaborated for the last nine years to spy on New Yorkers.

That’s right: the CIA with its medical experiments on unwitting subjects, its torture, its viciousskullduggery in other people’s countries, its assassinations, and its utter contempt for all law, foreign, domestic or heavenly, has been teaching its tricks to the NYPD – not that the latter needed any coaching when it comes to shredding freedom. So if you’re tempted to pitch rather than pay that parking ticket, you’d better think twice unless you want a dunk in the Hudson. Waterboarding: it isn’t just for terrists anymore.

The “partnership” between these bureaucracies is extensive and chilling. The CIA has trained at least one cop at “the Farm, the agency’s spy school in Virginia“; other personnel float back and forth. One “respected veteran who had served as a CIA official inside the United Nations … interviewed police officers for newly defined intelligence jobs [with the NYPD]. He guided and mentored officers, schooling them in the art of gathering information. He also directed their efforts…”

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