TSA readying new behavior detection plan for airport checkpoints

It was nice to read the comments to this article and see that no one was fooled by this nonsense.

Josh Gerstein

The federal government is planning to introduce new behavior detection techniques at airport checkpoints as soon as next month, Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole said Thursday.

TSA already has “behavior detection officers” at 161 airports nationwide looking for travelers exhibiting physiological or psychological signs that a traveler might be a terrorist. However, Pistole said TSA is preparing to move to an approach that employs more conversation with travelers—a method that has been employed with great success in Israel.

“I’m very much interested in expanding the behavior detection program, upgrading it if you will, in a way that allows us to….have more interaction with a passsenger just from a discussion which may be able to expedite the physical screening aspects,” Pistole said during an appearance at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. “So, we’ve looked at what works around the world, some outstanding examples and we are planning to do some new things in the near future here.”

Pistole declined to elaborate on the enhanced behavior detection program but said it would “probably” be announced in August. During an on-stage interview with CNN’s Jeanne Meserve, Pistole acknowledged that the Israeli techniques have been carefully examined.

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2 Responses to TSA readying new behavior detection plan for airport checkpoints

  1. lizzyysaac says:

    Transportation Security Administration officers have a very challenging time. The screeners must ensure air security, while also not violating personal rights. The new Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques program is attempting to streamline security a bit. Ideally, the program is meant to reduce how several hand-checks have to be completed. The SPOT checks, however, have not won over all critics. The Government Accountability Office has wondered the scientific viability of this brand new SPOT check system. Here is the proof: TSA SPOT program will focus on behavior detection in airports. Check this out!

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