Food, Control and the Growing Police State

Bear with me as I’m going to go backwards here. I’m posting the last two paragraphs of this article because to me, they were the most poignant. And I can do that cuz this is my blog. That being said, I suggest that you hit the link and read the whole article for context.   : )

by Szandor Blestman
July 28, 2011

There are a couple of things that tie all these news stories together. The first is that none of these laws would matter if it wasn’t for the enforcers, the police. All of these so called crimes would not have made the news if the police had simply said “no” when asked to arrest the perpetrators or shut down their operations. But the police in this nation seem to no longer be able to think for themselves. They have become the automatons of the state, excusing their actions because they are “just doing their jobs” just like the German Nazis excused their actions during World War II. I would point out that their job includes upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. I would point out that their job includes saying “no” to enforcing bad laws when ordered to. If things were running properly and the system wasn’t so corrupt, perhaps that’s what would be happening. In a perfect world, the brave peace officer who stands up to the corrupt government official would become a hero and be rewarded while the corrupt government official would get his comeuppance. Instead, we have a world where any “law enforcement officer” is punished for standing up to the system and lives in fear of losing his job or worse if he does what’s right.

The other thing that ties these stories together is the common folk. It is their apathy that has allowed the system to deteriorate to this point. It is their going along to get along and simply not saying anything that has allowed the system to become so corrupt. It is their shrugging their shoulders and keeping their heads down that has allowed evil to win as much as it has, as the proverbial saying goes. Those in government have come to believe they can simply do as they please. They have come to believe that whatever they say is law and the people will grumble and moan, but simply obey and not do anything else about it. Well, that seems to be changing. The people spoke up about the Julie Bass situation and they’re taking action to correct the other injustices mentioned above. Methinks that perhaps the government officials have pushed the envelope just a little too far and more than enough people can now see just how much the tyranny has grown. Next month should be an interesting one as the people attempt to trim it back.

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