This is a great article by Stephanie Sledge that ties in perfectly with the last article that I posted. She has a fantastic website that I encourage you to check out regularly for some great alternative news . http://www.thegovernmentrag.com

 BREAKING NEWS: Friend of Cop Leaks TSA Plans to Turn the Police  into Accessories to Grocery Store Molestation

More Agenda – A Hostile Takeover of America

Stephanie Sledge | May 9th, 2011 | Opinion

Have you heard anything more ridiculous or illegal? Well, we live in the ‘New America’ so it should not surprise you that the TSA is training the cops to participate as ‘accessories’ to criminal activity by detaining more Americans and treating the citizens like criminal terrorists. Tyranical agenda is on a steady and rapid upward trend.

An alleged Constitutional Cop, who attended a TSA meeting, had his friend call into the “The Power Hour” with Joyce Riley Monday to inform the audience that more TSA molestation and Constitutional crimes are in the making by training law enforcement to obey the TSA orders and not the Constitutional Oath they took.

A man by the name of “Bob” called into the show to relay information that his cop friend was horrified after attending a TSA meeting. The officer texted his friend Bob to tell him he was going to attend a TSA meeting to listen and take notes. Once in the meeting, the TSA made the officer(s) sign papers over the presentation that they were going to be shown. What came next was enough to “make him want to throw-up,” says Bob. Apparently , the TSA was very forceful in letting these officers know they were going to install naked body scanners and Viper Teams in grocery stores, malls, and other public places in South Carolina but will probably follow protocol across the nation.

Why the TSA? Bob continues to explain that the TSA will need the law enforcement’s support to back them up because the TSA does not have the authority to make arrests. This way, if the TSA trains the officers who do not understand their Oath to the Constitution, it will be easier to condition law enforcement to believe they are doing Americans a favor and jailing the terrorists. The only problem is that the terrorists have been listed as American People! In a 2009 leaked Missouri MIAC report, the law enforcement is listing every day Americans as the most dangerous criminals in America. The outrage was so great that Missouri rescinded the report but who is to say the officers are not being trained all over the country to believe this indoctrination all in the name of security?

Bob also explains that there will be sixty-nine (69) signs to look for and if any one person does not fit in, they are pulled and subjected to terror molestation searches. If the citizen does not comply, they will call law enforcement and possibly hauled to detainment. Recently, General Michael Hayden admits that “enhanced interogation works better and what they do works best.”

What good would it do to detain more Americans? It seems as though the prison state is being set up around the country to turn America into a Nazi-style obeying nation. America is the land of the free and the founding fathers warned us when the state starts molesting its own people – then you know it’s total tyranny.

Just in the past few months, draconian legislation has been shoving its way through to strip the citizens of their God-given rights that have been long enjoyed and depended on for Freedom. The Jared Lee Loughner/Gabrielle Giffords shooting that took place on 1/8/11 was the beginning of the end of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Behind the scenes in January while everyone was sleeping, more hidden agenda to ban Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression‎s, were taking place to restrict the press from reporting the truth, ban the religion that does not fit in with the we are all “one” theory, and to silence the People from speaking up. The Loughner political rhetoric that took place in the mainstream media, Dupnik’s office, and on every station across the country was the set-up for the banning of the truth movement taking place to expose a government that is passing laws and staging faked terror events to inflict fear into the People.

Might as well go ahead and turn in your guns for that $50 dollar check that the law enforcement officers are paying to confiscate! With Hillary signing the Foreign UN Small Arms Treaty back when everyone was focused on the BP Gulf Oil crisis, it appears that the gun confiscation countdown has been set-into working motion correlating with the Jan. Arizona shooting. The citizens were told that an alleged crazy mental man, shot and killed six people including Judge John Roll and 9-year old Christina Taylor Green and injured 13 others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. As time rolls on, the event appears to be unfolding in the opposite direction as a possible false flag.

Since the January 2011 shooting, the rapid push for taking away ammunition and changing laws to include more mental health will help one to understand that the agenda is more to mass diagnose people with mental illnesses and detain more people. For every one person they can get diagnosed with a mental disorder, it means one less gun being sold to the general public. For every one person detained, means one less chance at passing the gun check. Hillary is on a timetable to obey to the UN agreement so they are going to get the job done by mass diagnosis, mass detainment, and mass indoctrination. The more law enforcement that they get aboard, the more enforcement they will have.

More and more law enforcement are trained and indoctinated that Americas should not have guns and that only the law enforcement or people in government should have them. Everyone else might be to dangerous. This only works with Law enforcement that do not really know their Oaths and the true meaning of the Constitution. RFID chips and genetically modified medication are awaiting the people to keep them under control. More and more mental health professionals are speaking out against mental medical tyranny taking place in America.

Education is the best way to get the public and the law enforcement officers to understand the New World Government’s business plan and agenda. It is important to become involved and help educate the public on the hostile takeover of America. America does not need to ‘fall’ in order for it to be restored. Using Repairalism and educating the law enforcement can transform America back into the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Law enforcement are here to protect the People. In America, the People are the boss of the government. That means that they are supposed to fight tyranical and unconstitutional laws and protect the Citizens against the unjustly empires that constantly try to strip us of our rights and freedoms. The Roman Empire never really fell, it just cloaked itself to get inside America. Here we are again. Only this time, Americans are the ones that are going to be hunted by the very industial military complex that we allowed them to build. This is all about to desecrate the very foundations that America was built. We are being trained that we should all be the same, we should all be under one law and rule, we should be under one order, one government, one religion, and lastly, one indoctination. How much will we allow before we see ourselves in mass graves?

Listen to “Bob” calling into The Power Hour w/Joyce Riley.

http://www.gcnlive.com/programs/powerHour/archives.php  (Choose 5/9/11, Hour 2)


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