Things that make you go Hmm

by American Freedom Fighter                                                                                                            9/18/2010

As American Citizens, we’ve been taught to believe we are free in the United States. On the other hand, if we are free in the United States, then why do we have all those Tea Party Patriot groups complaining of lost rights and freedom? Why does the state of our nation have so many people up in arms regarding the government violating our Natural Rights that used to be protected by the Constitution? We’ll be discussing these concerns and much more as they fall into the category of “Things that make you go Hmm.”

Let us follow the exploits of Patriot Patty as we explore our freedom and liberty in the United States. Patriot Patty is an American Citizen first; meaning she has no political affiliation with any political party. She is not a liberal or conservative, or on the right or left (whatever that means). Since Patriot Patty refuses to be labeled, she is difficult to predict and control using the typical Divide and Conquer techniques deployed by Mainstream Media and politicians.

Patriot Patty owns her home with no mortgage, and she decides to add another room and a white picket fence around the front yard. The fence goes up quickly. The spare room is halfway finished when an employee from the city appears and tells Patty she has to get a permit for the white picket fence and spare room or the city will force her to tear them down. Patriot Patty tells the city employee she owns her home and she can do with it as she pleases. A short time later, the city police and construction workers come to Patty’s house. Since Patty never got permission to build from the employees at the city, they tore down the white picket fence and demolished the incomplete spare room.

A week later, the cable company wanted to run cable under Patriot Patty’s lawn without her permission. Patriot Patty demanded the employees from the cable company leave her property. Her demand fell on deaf ears. Patriot Patty’s lawn is torn up and cable installed underneath what she thought was her property. These events caused Patriot Patty to question her freedom in the United States and whether an American Citizen really owned anything anymore. These events were “Things that made her go Hmm.”

Patriot Patty set out to research an American Citizen’s apparent lack of freedom in the United States. She was disturbed with the information she found.

In her research, Patriot Patty discovered America was created by the Founding Fathers as a “Republic” and NOT a “Democracy”. In a Republic, Americans possessed Natural Rights and had the power of Sovereign Kings and Queens. On the other side of freedom, she found that Democracy took away the Sovereign Kings’ and Queens’ Natural Rights from God and replaced them with Civil Rights from government. Democracy was essentially majority (mob) rule, which was not the same as individual Sovereignty. These unsettling revelations fell into the realm of “Things that made Patriot Patty go Hmm.”

Patriot Patty researched the laws passed by Congress, Executive Orders signed by Presidents, and precedent setting court cases in the United States Judicial System. Her research revealed most of the bills voted into law by Congress and signed by the President were unconstitutional. Information revealed Presidential Executive Orders had no force of lawful law, and the Supreme Court had no lawful jurisdiction to interpret and rule on the Constitution in legal precedent setting court cases. Patriot Patty read the Constitution several times during her research; and much to her dismay, the Constitution was not difficult for anyone with at least a fifth grade education to understand. It was obvious to Patriot Patty most of our representatives in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government were up to no good. Patriot Patty came to the realization FRAUD and TREASON were the primary courses served the American people in the halls of U. S. government. Why would the majority of our elected and appointed representatives in both major political parties betray the American people? Patty pondered the previous question and filed it under “Things that make you go Hmm.”

Patty found that Lawyers and Attorneys (there is a difference) have to pass the BAR to practice law in the United States of America. That was okay with Patty, until she learned BAR stands for (British Accredited Registry). Patty knew most of the politicians in American government were Attorneys, which made her wonder why American Lawyers have to get a British Accredited Registry (BAR) card to practice law in the United States. In Patty’s mind, attorneys with British Accredited Registry (BAR) card licenses probably worked for Britain, so American lawyers should not need a British Accredited Registry (BAR) card license in America. Patriot Patty added this BAR card license conundrum to the list of “Things that make you go Hmm.”

One day, Patriot Patty was driving home from the library, and a city police officer pulled her over because she was not wearing her seat belt. The officer told Patriot Patty he would not give her a ticket if she would just “buckle up”. Patty told the city employee police officer she was free, and he could not force a free adult American Citizen to “buckle up”. Patriot Patty was dragged out of her car, beaten by what turned out to be a rogue police officer, and taken to jail because she did not have the FREEDOM of CHOICE to “buckle up” or not in this new United States…where “They” (most Democrats and Republicans in government) are robbing us of our freedom.

A few days later Patty was released from jail. She would have to go to trial later for resisting arrest and failure to “buckle up”; even though she was beaten by the city’s rouge police officer. Patriot Patty thought to herself, “How could Americans be free when we allow government employees to beat us for not wearing seat belts, put us in Free Speech Zones when they don’t want to hear what we have to say, obligate us to buy Health Care, and force vaccinate our children?” Patriot Patty came to the realization Americans were no longer free under the legal rules of law created by Democrats and Republicans in all levels of United States government. After much pontification, Patriot Patty filed America’s loss of FREEDOM and CHOICE in the folder of “Things that make you go Hmm.”

Patriot Patty noticed the Second Amendment was constantly under attack from government employees. Patty’s research revealed gun control was not designed to keep us SAFE from TERROR; gun control was designed to rob Americans of any chance of FREEDOM. If the treasonous politicians successfully disarmed American Citizens, we would quickly become their physical slaves. She realized laws under the Patriot Act robbed us of our rights using the empty promise to keep us SAFE. Patriot Patty’s Patriot Act epiphany led to the truth surrounding the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. Turns out, the Department of Homeland Security was likely created to protect treasonous agents in Federal, State, and Local governments from the American people—not to protect the American people from terrorists.

Patriot Patty bought a pistol, and then she signed up with a Militia. Patty was determined to learn to shoot, so she could give treasonous politicians the boot. Patty knew unity was the key, so she looked for a specific Tea Party.

She did not join a Tea Party filled with Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. Patriot Patty was a true patriot; she joined a Tea Party filled with Americans who realized it was now us (We the People) against them (treasonous government agents). Come to think of it, this particular organization for American Freedom was not really a Tea Party. It was actually the bold beginning of a second Revolution in America.

Americans today must find answers to difficult questions regarding our governments and its representatives. Does it make common sense to allow government employees to control every aspect of our lives? Is it reasonable to allow 545 elected and appointed agents in Federal Government to impose their unlawful and unconstitutional personal convictions on 300 million Americans? Does violating our Natural Rights, protected by the Constitution, keep us SAFE from TERROR or does it keep us SAFE from FREEDOM? How do our governments get away with violating the Constitution and somehow convincing us we remain free in the United States? Patriot Patty found the answers to these American Freedom questions. You’ll have to follow in her footsteps and do some research of your own to find the truth. I guarantee every answer you find will fall under the category of “Things that make you go Hmm.

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