The People Realize We’ve Been Swindled

Author: Mac Slavo
– January 20th, 2011
As the government begins to split at the seems from over bloated spending, corruption and aristocratic tendencies, Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News says that the blame will fall to those in alternative media. Tucson is just one example of many.

The target now is going to be alternative media, it’s going to be the blogosphere, it’s going to be people like me who have a Youtube channel, internet radio. We’re going to be the scapegoat for the shooting event in Arizona.

The people have slowly come around over the last several years and started putting blame where it belongs – on our policy makers, benevolent government servants, and the corporate leaders who hide behind the veil of a free market and an open society while doing everything in their power to undermine them.

This shift in the public’s perception is apparent in the Tea Party movement (not the republican annexed sect), explosion in alternative media resources, and the growth of alternative media audiences. As the people arm themselves with knowledge, our politicians will begin to fear them. The last thing a centrally controlled and authoritarian government needs is those who think for themselves. And if you so happen to be under the influence of non-mainstream information that goes against the status quo, you’re considered part of the problem at best, a domestic extremist at worst.

Those in power know that their days of unabashed corruption are numbered, and when they’re cornered, they’ll use any reason – any crisis – to their advantage if they can discredit the messengers.

The thing is, however, that people are so desperate to be heard, the idea of being a problem citizen is no longer stopping them from learning more or speaking out online or off. There are those whose eyes remain closed, either out of complete ignorance or voluntary anti-contemplation, but a large part of the population is starting to get it, as Charlie points out:

A majority of the people in this country no longer trust mainstream media, and more and more people every single day are tuning in to alternative media because they’re absolutely fed up with the corruption. They’re fed up with the lies. They see what’s going on around the world. They  understand that the economy is not getting better because we’re borrowing money to pay for borrowed money, and we’re taking the failure of a few and putting it on the backs of the many and we’re pretending we’re prosperous. The people aren’t falling for this anymore. They realize that we’ve been swindled, we’ve been conned. They realize that Wall Street got health and Main Street’s still in a depression. They realize things are not going to get better…

For the time being, the people have remained subdued choosing to take action through passive means. But as this economic crisis deepens and the politicians and mainstream media try to silence the voice of the majority we will begin to see an outcry. Protests and even riots similar to those we’re seeing in northern Africa and Europe will spread across the United States.

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