Government’s Unintended Consquences: Waste, Fraud, Price Inflation

Author: Mac Slavo
– December 20th, 2010

The latest short film documentary from the National Inflation Association provides a glimpse into the other side of government intervention and central planning – the side most politicians and lobbyists never consider when mandating legislation down our throats.

It is unfortunate that those with the power to enact real change in America are obtuse and completely void of the ability to look at the consequences of their actions.

Either that, or they know full well what they are doing and have an alternate agenda.

The idea that those in powers would intentionally destroy the country for personal gain and skewed ideologies may sound ridiculous, but how else can we explain it?

We can assume that most of our Congressional Representatives and Senators lack the intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacity to understand the effects of their actions. They are concerned with increasing their wealth, power and social standing. If they have to vote on 2,000 pages of legislation without reading it to stay ahead, they will. One could argue that the consequences of their actions were unintended – they simply didn’t understand what they were signing on for.

Even those writing the legislation (lobbyists and corporations for the most part) don’t fully realize their part in the ruse. They, like our politicians, are just trying to get and stay ahead.

But those interested parties (aka The Powers That Be) who are responsible for the inception, planning and implementation of policies know full well what the consequences will be.

Take for example Social Security. Did anyone really think that this government behemoth would be able to support the retirements of tens of millions of Americans thirty or fifty or a hundred years hence? Maybe the politicians that passed the legislation didn’t – but the central planners were much smarter. They had to have known. It’s simple mathematics, really.

The same with Medicaid and Medicare – and now Obamacare.

The same with the Patriot Act. The majority of those in Congress, likely not having read the bill, passed it to “secure America.” The planners who put it together, however, knew the consequences of implementing such a Big Brother initiative. And for those paying attention, the puzzle is coming together. On an individual level, the new laws, policies, initiatives, directives and executive orders being enacted by our benevolent local, state and Federal governments seem like a hodgepodge of unrelated, but necessary progressions. But when you step back, and look at the puzzle as a whole, the intention becomes much more apparent.

For the majority, the consequences are most certainly unintended and unforeseen – because they are either too ignorant to pay attention or they choose to cover their eyes and ears and pretend that the reality is not real.

For those conglomerates of individuals, corporations and government factions who would control us, the cause and effect relationships are clear.

For more on the consequences of government intervention and planning and what the completed puzzle may look like, we recommend End of Liberty also produced by the National Inflation Association.



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