DHS No-Work List Coming to an Employer Near You

A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.  ~ Albert Einstein~

Author: Mac Slavo
– December 17th, 2010

We’ve previously mused that the international no-fly lists maintained by DHS, FBI, CIA, et. al. were likely established not to protect us from potential terrorists entering the United States, but rather, to create a national security infrastructure to control travel within the United States, as well as to prevent would-be ‘extremists’ from leaving US borders. This theory has been made more palatable by the very fact that tens of thousands of so-called migrant workers enter the United States via our Southern border every week. If our benevolent government’s interests were to protect the people of the United States by keeping terrorists and criminals out of out our country, we certainly would have secured our southern border by now. But we are now farther than ever from having our sovereign land protected from those who may harm us by crossing the Rio Grande.

We’ve now learned, via a great bit of reporting by Kurt Nimmo of Infowars.com, that the Department of Homeland Security is expanding their security lists to screen not just for potential terrorists and extremists boarding airplanes, but those who are seeking employment.

It’s been aptly named the “no work list,” and is designed to vet employees prior to being hired. For the time being, it is limited to about 500 organizations – namely in the contractor community – which deal primarily with industries like construction, ports and transportation:

TWIC is short for Transportation Worker Identification Credential and SWAC stands for Secure Worker Access Consortium.

TWIC “is a biometric credential that ensures only vetted workers are eligible to enter a secure construction site, unescorted,” Ironworkers Local 361 in Ozone Park, New York, explains. “Before issuing a TWIC, TSA must conduct a security threat assessment on the TWIC applicant. An applicant who, as a result of the assessment, is determined to not pose a security threat, will be issued a TWIC card.”

In other words, construction workers in New York will need permission from the TSA and DHS in order to practice their profession and earn a living. It was much the same in the former Soviet Union and authoritarian states such as China where the government determines all aspects of an individual’s life and where even the mildly rebellious are severely punished.

Because securing every aspect of our lives from “terrorists” now falls on the Department of Homeland Security, we can see continued expansion of this program, eventually leading to employee security checks for any jobs that may be deemed important to national security.

Those with a limited view may see this as a necessary security implement. We need our ports secured from terrorists right? And anyone working on large-scale skyscrapers should be vetted so they don’t plant explosives that could threaten the stability of steel buildings.

Considering, however, that just about anything these days can pose a national security threat, it’s only a matter of time before the program goes mainstream.

Mall employees, for example, work in public venues that see thousands of shoppers come and go on a daily basis. One threat, real or perceived, may immediately lead to a security partnership between DHS and mall management companies that may one day require all employees of a mall to be biometrically vetted prior to being hired.

The same holds true for pretty much any industry segment. Want to be a teacher, or a waiter, or even a call center representative? Because you’ll be dealing with the public, you’ll probably need to be screened to make sure you don’t pose a threat.

One day, those job applicants who indicate on their resumes that they are “TWIC Certified” may be put at the top of the hiring list, while those without TWIC certification will be moved to the bottom of the barrel.

For those with the credentials to get hired by a TWIC Employer, their certification can be taken away just as quickly as it was granted. So, if you’re ever listed as a potential “threat” or “domestic extremists” your employer can be immediately notified by DHS:

“I acknowledge that if TSA or other law enforcement agencies determine that I pose an imminent threat to national security or transportation security, my employer may be notified.”

Source: TSA TWIC Disclosure Certification

Have a Facebook page where you rant about government policies or politics? You might get fired if you pop up on DHS’s threat assessment list.

Neither DHS or TSA has commented on whether or not verification of legal immigration status will be required in order to obtain a TWIC Card.

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