End of Liberty

Another must see film! And your welcome. This one covers the full gamut of things gone horribly wrong in this country including the naked body scammers-ooops, I mean scanners ( and for the love of Pete, YES, they see you naked). I don’t get the American people on this one. Seriously, what will it take for people to say NO. Cavity searches?? Really I’m wondering, because massive doses of radiation doesn’t appear to concern them. Hell, moms are pushing children in baby strollers ( clearly al-CIA-da operatives! ) through these instruments of tyranny!  FYI, they are most definitely targeting women ( the group who sets the tone for what is acceptable in society ) and their children ( the ones who will grow up thinking it is normal to be guilty until proven innocent ). The logic being that if you can train them to be calmly herded like cattle going to the slaughter, the rest of the public is “in the bag” so to speak.  Clearly it has become impossible for people to find their dignity anymore ( never mind common sense. That disappeared a long time ago). And if you don’t “go along” you are viciously “called out” and made to feel ashamed for the simple act of standing up for your rights not to be violated. Then of course you are treated to an invasive “feel up”.

The country that was once the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, is now the Land of the Slaves and the Home of the Cowards. I submit that our national symbol be changed from an eagle to an ostrich. Now, enjoy the movie…

Link to YouTube End of Liberty movie:




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