E-Cigg Crackdown, CFL Bulbs, I.C.E. Proposal & Judge Andrew Napolitano

I couldn’t resist posting this little compilation of dirty deeds by our dirty government. Especially since a pet-peeve of mine are those stupid, poisonous, mercury filled, made in China light bulbs. I can’t help it, but I get the urge to stuff a sock into the mouths of the (well meaning?) fools who regurgitate the bull squeeze about how these bulbs are gonna “save the planet.” If the public had just a lick of common sense, we might have a fighting chance. I hate to be a pessimist but……it’s not looking good…….

And here is Judge Andrew Napolitano speaking about the constitution shredding “Patriot Act”.  You’ve gotta love the name they gave it though, since it’s main purpose is to go after patriots, lol. Ahhhhh, the irony never ends.


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