Movie: Esoteric Agenda

I ran across this film yesterday and decided to post it. I have watched films, documentaries, interviews, read documents and articles about all the different subjects in this film, but never have I seen them all touched upon in one place. I encourage you to further investigate any of the subjects that you might have an interest in.

Topics touched upon; today’s current perversion of religion, ancient prophesy, numerology, religious symbolism, codex Alimentarius, water fluoridation ( I refer you to the documentary The World According To Monsanto and the interview with Christopher Bryson which can both be viewed here ), population control, presidential bloodlines, pantheism, Agenda 21, false flag terrorism, natural rights v.s. that of the artificial person and the Universal Conciseness that we all share.

And always remember, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.  -Goethe

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