United We Fall

This is a movie that I heard about today, so I looked to see if it was on you tube and viola, there it was. So of course I watched it and it was fantastic, so please, please, please watch and share with friends and family. Actually I hope you are watching all the movies and videos I am posting on here. I know it takes time, but information is power, and right now, we citizens need all the power we can get.

I was struck by how this movie covered all the information I am trying to share with you in this very blog and my patriot videos page on my other website. Such as comfort bubbles, order out of chaos, incrementalism, government propaganda, and media and educational control. All designed to lead the public to the very conclusions that the elite want you to have.

These are very wicked, smug, arrogant people who worked very hard in this film to spin what they are up to and to paint a pretty picture of globalism and how it will be so great for the average person. I can only believe that the reasons they allowed themselves to be interviewed, is because they are truly desperate. Get involved in spreading the word and really make ’em sweat!


Or here for uninterpreted movie: http://blip.tv/file/3909560

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