Freedom Watch

Before I post these, I would like to make a comment as to why I think Judge Napolitano is on a “mainstream” news outlet. Because one has to realize that if the controlled media is providing him an outlet, it’s not out of the goodness of their heart. They’re getting something out of it-besides the ad revenue generated for a top rated show. So what might that be? Well, I think it’s to throw it in our faces. All the injustices that are being perpetuated against us citizens, are out there for the sole purpose of having our noses rubbed into them. And why might that be? I think their aim is to make the public angry and incite revolution. This way they can classify the “angry ones” as “terrorists” to be whisked away to a Fema detention camp, or better yet, eliminated altogether. See, they need a reason to get rid of those pesky people who resist their tyranny.

And if you think that’s far out-man are you in for one hell of a surprise. So while you still have a chance, get your head out of your ass will ya. And after you do that, open your eyes and watch this video….

Now get curious and ask yourself what that might be about? That’s for you silly! Don’t think that you’re a terrorist or a threat to your government? You might want to take a peek at the MIAC  report. It pretty much covers every citizen of the U.S. And while your still thinking, watch Gary Franchi’s movie Camp Fema at this link-

Now for some Freedom Watch with the awesome guests of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. Two brilliant men. I have owned Thomas Sowell’s book Applied Economics for years and highly recommend it. Even though I can’t get my kids to read it, lol. His new book Dismantling America looks like a great read as well. I might have to get it. Maybe someone will get it for me for Christmas…

Oh, and feel free to plug your ears when the idiot female lawyer is talking…

And if you still think the Government doesn’t steal property from it’s citizens, here’s some more proof. You can watch Aaron Russo’s Mad As Hell from the beginning on you tube. I’m only taking it from this part forward as it relates to property rights. It’s pretty funny that where this video starts, he is discussing GATT and he could just as well be talking about the health care bill. If you wish, you can forward to 4 mins. into this first video..

Tomorrow I will post more of the same evidence with Sheriff Tony DeMeo. So stay tuned!

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