What Are They Spraying?

I am posting a radio interview by Dr Stanly Monteith of Michael Murphy regarding the world-wide epidemic of “chemtrails”, or as the government calls it, geo-engineering. This is a devastating program that is being done in every single NATO country in the world.

I have made you a promise not to waste you time with inane, unimportant information. I understand that your time is valuable and I have no intention of wasting it. That being said, this interview is a must listen. Incredibly toxic alumium, barium and titanium is being sprayed into the atmosphere to the detriment of all. Alumium is being found at 61,100 parts per billion. Sixty one times the maximum level considered safe. This is contaminating the soil across the globe and killing off plants, animals, insects and polluting the water supply.

Alumium is very toxic to humans and causes a Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, not to mention is the main component in deodorants that has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer. Baruim is no cake walk either, as it raises the blood pressure and damages the immune system.

Alumium is also present in virtually every vaccine at levels 100 to 200 times the maximum amount allowed by the EPA. How about that as a reason for you and your family to avoid vaccines, in case autism and cancer isn’t enough. So I beg of you to hear this important interview and then spread the word!


I am also posting a photo taken in my driveway ( one of many ) that is a good example of two chemtrails once they have started to spread and drip. I have quite a few pics similar to this. On the day of Halloween ’09, there were not one, not two, but three planes in the air simultaneously filling the sky. Within just a few hours, the whole sky was covered up with the characteristic haze. Just in time for all those people that would be out and about later that day. What would we do without the government loving us to death!?

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