It’s an Infowar Against the NWO

I must be honest here, I’m having a real hard time deciding what to post. There is so much information every day, and things are happening at such break neck speed, it’s hard to know what is the most important. To me, it’s everything. I am an information junkie, and I’m certain that I find many things to be fascinating pieces of the larger puzzle that would put the average person to sleep. I don’t want to put you to sleep. I want to WAKE YOU UP!! So I need to do a better job of prioritizing the info, making a decision and ultimately posting it. Make no mistake, this is an information war.

There is also the dynamic that happens when you burst people’s bubbles. People really do live in a bubble of comfort. They are dangerously narcissistic and egocentric, and can’t ( or won’t ) comprehend, that the plan for their destruction was hatched long before they were even born. Joe six-pack wants to believe, despite a myriad of evidence to the contrary, that their government loves them and would never deliberately harm them. When you burst this false reality bubble, it is too much for them to deal with. The solid ground disappears beneath their feet, and they have nothing left to stand on. Most people ( sadly ) have simplistic minds, like those of children, and it becomes too much for them to believe that everything they thought was true, was in fact, a fallacy. Circuit overload, if you will. They steadfastly refuse to accept that not only does evil exist, but that evil things are being done to them. Even as documentation from the foundations and media are shown to them as proof that this evil really does exist. So for the sake of their fragile sanity, they engage in willful ignorance, and often times, attack the messenger personally. I’m sure that my turn is coming by the way, lol.

The media encourages you not to talk about this stuff. It’s just random negativity they say, and if spoken out loud, you will be doing your part in making it come true. They tell you if you put only positive thoughts into the universe, only those things which are good, will come your way. This is complete nonsense. Bad things do not happen when you acknowledge the truth. They happen when you ignore it. You must realize the game of the NWO, is that of a three dimensional, high level game of chess. It’s very much like playing ten games at once. And being resistant in acknowledging these games being played, only serves to make you vulnerable.

The cult of celebrity, be it in sports or hollywood, is something that truly bugs the hell out of me. This is a very important part of the Matrix, and you must recognize and then disengage yourself from it, in order to reclaim your power. This is nothing but Bread and Circuses for the masses. A distraction for a public that has been intentionally dumbed down and brain-damaged from the food, vaccines and a complete ignorance of history. Thank you public schools. There has been a covert war against all of humanity and you are seeing the result of this right now, all around you. The IQ of the general public has went down 20 pts. on average in the last 3 decades. But this is not an excuse for cowardliness!

Understand that the elite need you to be lemmings and to follow each other off the cliff. This is why they have damaged you physically, mentally and psychologically. It is why at this very moment in history, they are throwing every conceivable thing ( including the plug to the kitchen sink ) at humanity. Don’t act like the useless eaters they claim that you are, by being willful participants in your own destruction. Take a stand and find out the truth. Stop engaging in the group-think that this is all just conspiracy theories. It is conspiracy fact, and it just may be your salvation.

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